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The “Clownbulance” Project

The Clownbulance Project was established in 2015 by medical clowns, from The Dream Doctors project. There are over 100 medical clowns active in this project, spending countless hours in the various hospitals, working hand-in-hand with the medical team, accompanying child patients and their families during their most fragile and hardest moments.

The project was established to offer sick children the chance to be able, briefly, to escape their routine of painful treatments — and make a wish come true together with their family and the medical clown accompanying them during their hospitalization. The child patient, together with the clown, chooses a wish that they want to fulfil. Then the Clownbulance team makes it happen!

What is the Clownbulance?

A colorful and playfully-designed vehicle which, from the moment the child gets in, draws them into a world of fantasy, fun, laughter, and enjoyment. The Clownbulance allows the child and the child’s family a positive and transformative experience, replacing the negative connection they have to the traditional medical ambulance, and transforming their day in the Clownbulance into something special and truly memorable — from the minute they leave the hospital.

Click on the clip to see how the Clownbulance got started:

Our goal

Utilizing the Clownbulance as a tool for making wishes come true, we facilitate the relief of emotional blockages and fears, and we create relationships based on trust with the children. When they laugh or cry — we know that we’ve connected with them. Making a wish come true for these children is magical, bringing out optimism and hope, providing the children and their families with renewed strength as they continue their journey.

Israel now features close to 30 centers providing medical care for children. We want to reach them all!